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Brief description of the hair ball trimmer


The hair ball trimmer has different name in different places, such as hair bulb, shaving device, velvet trimmer, etc. it is a kind of small household appliance designed for removing the ball on the surface of clothes. In addition to cutting the hair ball, you can also suck out dust and other debris in the sweater.

Product features

Multi rotary cutter head, high sharpness, quickly removing ball for shaving hair cutting

With Terry, easy to stir up all kinds of hair ball, and quickly cut off

Part of hair cutting configuration independent suction ball wheel will not make hair debris scattered

The brand of hair cutting adopts stainless steel alloy knife, razor, knife head make more wear.

Matters needing attention

1, please do not use it for shaving,

2, handheld machines should not be too heavy pressure, so that the net close to the use of things.

3, please clean the dust after shave wool, knife in a timely manner, screen and memory.

4 avoid using it for sweaters that are being worn

Use tips:

1, suitable for short wool clothing, sportswear, skirts, scarves, blankets and so on, especially the addition of pilling is easy to stir up all kinds of hair ball, and quickly cut off.

2, suitable for long hair sweater, with a downy protection cover, only cut hair ball, and not harm to the sweater itself, shaving can keep the fabric feeling fluffy.

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