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The proper use of the cleanser


Now a lot of people have not wash their hands with a simple cleansing cleanser, the following for everyone to introduce the use of facial cleanser:

The use of facial cleanser:

You will not go to adjust your brush

Sometimes you can remove the outer ring of your brush, use the inner ring, so that you can better wash to the corner of your nose.

Do not wash with shampoo

Wash the brush with shampoo to leave residue and oil on the bristles.

You do not use enough cleanser

The first time you use your cleansing brush, with a facial cleanser inside that circle all filled, probably a quarter of the brush head. After you can according to your skin type to adjust the amount of cleanser.

You did not use enough water

Just like you use a toothbrush, you need to completely immerse your wash brush in water.

You and your boyfriend share a brush

Although the wash brush is sterile, but with a boyfriend share a brush head will always be more or less some unsanitary. If the boyfriend has used your brush, then put the brush on the bubble in the bubble and then take out a few seconds to use.

Because the acne is broken without using a brush

Some people use the brush for the first time, the face of acne broken after not dare to reuse. In fact, the temporary acne is only because the skin is subject to a little stimulation to cause the bacteria to rise to the surface of the skin as a form of pimple. A truly effective solution is to reduce the number of times to once a day, but stick to it. For two weeks after the resumption of normal use.

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